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PRACTICA Change Of Venue

Posted: 12:23, Monday 5 March 2012 by Mark Stojani

Updated: 11:55, Monday 5 March 2012 by Mark Stojani

Due to the unavailability of our regular venue due to the Fringe we are holding this week’s thursday 8th March Practica at a Warehouse rehearsal studio which also features a mirror for those interested in how their tango is looking! The location is still very central and is at the corner of James St and Light Tce, Thebarton click for map We are going from 8-10pm and cost is still $5!!
Big thanks to Ding Production’s Jo Casson for use of the hall.
See you there!


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Community discussion on this article

At 14:50 on Monday, 5 March 2012 Andrew said:

....and the Wheatsheaf Hotel on George Street (just around the corner) will be a most excellent stand in for the Daniel O’Connell after the practica.

At 15:11 on Monday, 5 March 2012 Mark Stojani said:

Yes… a fine selection of beers…..