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2015 Christmas Super Thursday

Posted: 19:53, Tuesday 1 December 2015 by Lucy Lu

Updated: 20:23, Tuesday 1 December 2015 by Lucy Lu

When: Thursday December 17th, 8PM-11PM

Where: North Adelaide Community Centre

Cost: $15 entry @ the door
BYO snacks and drinks

Love to see you all there!


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Videos from Pablo y Sofia at Grand Milonga

Posted: 22:52, Tuesday 1 September 2015 by Lucy Lu

Updated: 22:22, Tuesday 1 September 2015 by Lucy Lu

Performance by Pablo y Sofia at Unley Town Hall, Adelaide


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2015 Pablo y Sofia Workshop Schedule

Posted: 00:49, Monday 3 August 2015 by Lucy Lu

Updated: 20:15, Wednesday 26 August 2015 by Lucy Lu

Workshops, seminars & milonga 2015 Sofia Saborido y Pablo Inza
27th Aug – 2nd Sept 2015

Thurs 27th Aug, North Adelaide Community Centre
Guided Practica: 7PM – 8:20PM
Workshop 1: Milonga! Some classic moves to enjoy milonga in a crowded dance floor.
8:30PM – 10PM

Friday 28th Aug, St Theodore’s Church hall
Workshop 2: The pivot, a teamwork. Analysing the mechanics of the pivot to optimise your energy.
Level: intermediate
8:30PM – 10PM

Saturday 28th Aug, Unley Town hall
Seminar 1 – Studying the Gancho. Safe ganchos inside the giros for social dancing. Technique, timing and qualities – Level: intermediate/advanced
11:30AM – 2:30PM

Grand Milonga: 8:30PM – midnight
(BYO drinks)

Sunday 29th Aug, Don Pyatt
Seminar 2 – Studying the Giro. The turn in close and open embrace (Technique, traditional turns for social dancing, planeos and enrosques) – Level: intermediate/advanced
2PM – 5PM

Workshop 3: Sacadas. For leaders and followers. Who, where, when and how. Working for safe sacadas in social dance – Level: intermediate
7:30PM – 9PM

30th Aug, Eastwood Community Centre
Workshop 4: Vals – Understanding the rhythm to adapt our dynamics. Level: Intermediate
8PM – 9:30PM

- Seminars $60 each $115 if both seminars attended
- Wkshps $30 each $5 discount applied on total cost if 3 or 4 wkshps attended
- Combination $5 discount applied on total cost if 1 seminar and 2 or more wkshps attended
- Private: $150 per hour for both teachers, only available on Monday & Tuesday
- Milonga: $20 Discount $5 discount if any workshop or seminar attended, or FREE if all wkshps & both seminars attended

- Sign up at Thursday Practica with Siempre at North Adelaide Community Centre;
- Email:
- Phone: 0400 257 027


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Noche De Tango - Tango Glories

Posted: 16:08, Saturday 9 May 2015 by Lucy Lu

Updated: 15:43, Saturday 9 May 2015 by Lucy Lu

Experience the passion of a live tango performance by Siempre Tango, Adelaide accompanied by Argentinean flavours followed by the special screening of TANGO GLORIES.

8pm arrivals, for 8.45pm screening

Dramatic, colourful and surreal, like tango, the film calls to attention the basic need for connection, passion and forgiveness in life.
Featuring extraordinarily moving performances and stunning dance numbers, this magical story follows Ezequiel, a psychiatrist at a Buenos Aires hospital. When he meets 85-year-old Fermín, a man who curiously expresses himself through the lyrics and titles of old tango songs, Ezequiel is intrigued by his condition which has not improved for decades.
As he probes the cause, the pair begin to connect. Fermín starts to make revelations about his chequered and dramatic past, offering clues to his predicament. Through the blossoming friendship and a newfound love interest in Fermín’s daughter, Ezequiel starts to gain an insight into tango, a cultural expression he had taken for granted. Through this, he uncovers a vibrant, artistic, and exciting Argentina of the past.


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We're back on Fri Nights!

Posted: 12:05, Tuesday 5 November 2013 by Mark Stojani

Updated: 04:06, Tuesday 24 March 2015 by Janett Jackson

Siempre Tango milongas are back to our traditional Friday nights (the 2nd Friday of the month) at our regular venue, the Dom Polski Centre (232 Angas St Adelaide – click here for map) 8.30pm to 12midnight $10 entry.

Come along and help create and enjoy the atmosphere. DJ Mark Stojani. Drinks available at the bar.


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Classes for 2015

New Beginners Enrolments now open for March 2015

If you’ve always wanted to learn to dance Argentine tango, here’s your chance! Siempre Tango warmly invites you to enrol in our beginner tango class, a four week block starting late March at the Eastwood Community Centre, 95 Glen Osmond Road Eastwood.

Our introductory offer for the new beginner class is $50.00 for this special four week block, and if you book as a couple, it’s still $50.00!! i.e. 2 for the price of 1! So enrolling with a partner is a bonus.

We now have 2 new beginner classes available!!
– 22nd March Sunday, 3PM – 4PM (Eastwood Community Centre)
– 25th March Wednesday, 7.30PM – 8.30PM (St Theodore’s Church Hall)

Please register your interest by emailing with your contact details.

This course is designed for students with no previous dance experience and it aims to introduce students to the basics of authentic Argentine social tango. Couples and singles welcome!

If you have always wanted to learn to dance the Argentine Tango in Adelaide or have had a long break from classes, why not register your interest today? All skill levels welcome.

Class times — Continuing Beginners

Continuing beginners classes continue 4pm Sunday 1st February 2015

Sunday beginner and continuing beginner classes held at Eastwood Community Centre, 95 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood (map | streetview)

Sunday Continuing Classes dates 2015
1st Block: 1st February to 8th March (no lesson 15th March).
2nd Block: 22nd March to 19th April (4 weeks block, no lesson on 5th April).
3rd Block: 3rd May to 31st May (no lesson 7th June).
4th Block: 14th June to 19th July (no lesson 26th July).
5th Block: 2nd August to 23rd August (4 weeks block)

Class times: Wednesday 7.30pm Beginners & 8.30pm Advanced

Classes commence Wednesday 21 January 2015

7.30pm & 8.30pm classes held at St Theodore’s Church Hall, Prescott St, Toorak Gardens (map | streetview).

Wed class dates 2015
1st Block: 21st January to 25th February (no Beginner classes in this block) (no lesson 4th March).
2nd Block: 11th March to 15th April (Beginner classes commence 25th March) (no lesson 22nd April).
3rd Block: 29th April to 3rd June (no lesson 10th June).
4th Block: 17th June to 22nd July (no lesson 29th July).
5th Block: 5th August to 9th September (no lesson 16th September).
6th Block: 23th September to 28th October (no lesson 4th November).
7th Block: 11th November to 16th December.


Siempre Tango Practica

Practicas will resume 15 January 2015
Practicas are from 8pm to 9.30pm on Thursday nights at North Adelaide Community Centre, Tynte Street (map)

Welcome to practice your techniques, dance with friends, and as a tradition: Drink after practica!

Entry $5


Siempre Tango Milongas 2015

Milongas at Dom Polski 8.30pm to midnight now on the 2nd Friday of the month Click for map

13th February
13th March
10th April
8th May
12th June
10th July
14th August
11th September
9th October
13th November
17th December (Super Practica at Thursday)


Musings on Tango

How would you dance if this is your last song together?

Posted: 00:43, Monday 8 June 2015 by Lucy Lu

Updated: 00:13, Monday 8 June 2015 by Lucy Lu

Full of emotions in this song. Maybe it is the song itself, or maybe it was Pablo and Noelia’s last song performed together as a couple. She chose a Chilean as dancing partner and married to an Italian later, and she is famous and popular over the world. Do you know who he is?

Pablo Rodriguez y Noelia Hurtado Tango Invierno en La Baldosa Julio 2011


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King of rhythm D'Arienzo - Echagüe "Paciencia" Live 1964

Posted: 21:30, Friday 6 February 2015 by Lucy Lu

Updated: 22:06, Friday 6 February 2015 by Lucy Lu

This is Juan D’Arienzo’s Orchestra with singer Alberto Echagüe. Tango “Paciencia” with Subtitles in English – Original video from a Saturday’s Show recorded in the TV Channel 4 Monte Carlo, Montevideo, Uruguay, February 1964.


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Tango Did You Know … ?

Posted: 15:30, Monday 20 January 2014 by Janett Jackson

Updated: 16:02, Monday 20 January 2014 by Janett Jackson

‘La cumparsita’ (The Little Carnival Procession) is the most famous tango of all time. It is to the tango what the ‘Blue Danube’ is to the waltz.

Written around 1917 by the Uruguayan Gerardo Hernan Matos Rodríguez (March 28, 1897 – April 25, 1948) as a marching tune for the student federation to which he belonged, it was turned into a tango by the bandleader Roberto Firpo (May 10, 1884 – June 14, 1969).

In 1924 lyrics by Pascual Contursi (November 18, 1888 – May 28, 1932) and Enrique Pedro Maroni (17 March 1887 – 30 December 1957) were added and the song was recorded by Carlos Gardel (born Charles Romuald Gardes; 11 December 1890 – 24 June 1935), with guitar accompaniment.

Ref: Azzi, Maria Susana. 1995. Part 111 The golden age and after: 1920s – 1990s. Pp. 114 to 160 in Tango: the dance, the song, the story, edited by S. Collier. London: Thames and Hudson. P 134.


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