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Christmas Baile Wrap Up

Posted: 08:46, Monday 5 December 2005 by Megan Jones

Updated: 13:06, Monday 5 December 2005 by Ben

A gorgeous warm late afternoon in Adelaide welcomed people as they arrived at the Kings Head Hotel in the city for the Siempre Tango Christmas Baile.

The Kings Head staff provided a fabulous night with relaxed happy service and a stunning array of finger food – oysters, salt and pepper squid, sushi…it continued until the classes were ready to take to the floor in their group demonstrations. The brave Eastwood 3:30/5:00pm class did a fabulous job in their debut performance to Bahia Blanca, always a terrifying thing, especially when some of their peers couldn’t make it so the group was a smaller one. The North Adelaide 5:30pm class dazzled with Cafe Dominguez and the 6:30pm class hit the finish of La Cumparsita beautifully. The 8:00pm class worked the busy floor well throughout Desde del Alma, and everyone looked very pleased with their efforts. Congratulations to all of you!

DJInterruptusStojani provided a great selection of tracks with some extremely dramatic pauses…Peter and Lisa from Club de Tango took it in their stride and stunned the crowd with a relaxed, beautiful performance. Actually, I think people were impressed to start with just by Lisa’s pants! Two gorgeous numbers from Peter and Lisa topped the evening. The Baile was the culmination of a fantastic set of 5 workshops from Peter Waller and Lisa de Lazarri, covering milonga, vals and tango nuevo – well attended, with fantastic feedback from those who participated. We look forward to working with Peter and Lisa again in future.

There were many people to thank for a big year in Siempre Tango. The committee members for all their hard work, Siempre Tango’s DJ’s Mark and Pat, the teaching team, and individuals such as Andrew, Nicci, Tiziana and Imogen who have helped in a vairety of ways. Hopefully our photography guru Stephen will have some pics of the evening soon! (No pressure Stephen!).

So thankyou everyone for a fabulous evening – three evenings left at the Banque for 2005, hope to see you there.


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