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Finding Tango Music on the Web

Posted: 15:23, Thursday 25 May 2006 by Ben

Updated: 15:00, Thursday 25 May 2006 by Ben

No, this is not about free music so if that’s what you’re after then there’s no need to read any further.

However, if you’re in the game of hunting down tango music (for legitimate purchase) then you might find this site useful:

It’s a full database of the music released under the Reliquias label, and there’s a stack of it.

Also, another useful trick I’ve found is to use google to search the music stores instead of searching the music stores with their own search engine.

i.e. say you want to know which CD Juan D’Arienzo’s version of La Viruta is from then type into google:

D’Arienzo “La Viruta”

And the first hit is, amazingly enough the correct CD. Try typing it into Zival’s search engine though and you get:

No matches for your search

Which isn’t overly helpful!


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