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More on Adrian and Alejandra

Posted: 10:55, Friday 9 June 2006 by Ben

Updated: 18:29, Saturday 10 June 2006 by Ben

If you’re not in Adelaide over the weekend of the 14th and 15th of October then you can still catch up with Adrian and Alejandra elsewhere in Australia on the following dates:

September 6 – 11
Byron Bay Australia – Tango Festival
(Note this website is still to be updated)

September 14 – 18

September 21 – 24
Perth Australia

And if you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else not yet covered in their travels, and would like to host them over October 19-24 then please contact them via email at:

They’re super friendly and would love to hear from you! More information can be found in this news item and on their website:


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