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Dancing in Tight Spaces

Posted: 18:22, Tuesday 22 August 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 17:52, Tuesday 22 August 2006 by

Have you been one to think that it is impossible to do anything fun, musical and creative in a tight space, such as our old stomping ground the Banque?

Well, click here and have a look at this video clip. It shows Jennifer Bratt and Ney Melo from New York dancing to ‘La Bruja’ by D’Arienzo and see whether you still hold that view afterward!

For any ladies who are just getting into the rhythmic turns, have a look at the timing of Jennifer’s back-side-forward steps, and how cleanly she is hitting the beat, whether Ney is pivoting or stepping.

And, nice use of embellishments – just a few, not overdone, no ganchos or anything wild, but musical and playful, and clearly she has been given the invitation to do so by Ney. It looks like they are having a ‘conversation’ of sorts and she has been given room to ‘speak’ along with the leader.


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