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Committee Member Profile: Andrew Gibki

Posted: 14:35, Tuesday 26 September 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 10:35, Sunday 1 October 2006 by Megan Jones

Andrew joined the Siempre Tango committee in May 2006, having started dancing with Siempre in October 2004, and is the committee’s resident graphic designer, aka Grafix Boy! He does a good job of keeping other committee members awake until 2am with email discussions about projects…and doesn’t mind the odd beer…details on Andrew:

  • Where were you born?
    Adelaide, South Australia, 1977.
  • Favourite colour?
  • Favourite gelati flavour?
    Gelati has flavours??? I rarely eat sweets but I guess I’d choose lemon. If I eat anything like this though it’s normally to try someone else’s, so I suppose I’d normally go with whatever they’re eating..
  • Current profession/place of work?
    I’m the Design Team Leader at up and coming mobile player m.Net Corporation. We get to deal with some pretty cool technology, promote some awesome products and deal with some major media clients. Lots of hours managing projects and mucking in with the creative work, but it can be lots of fun and very rewarding.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I always said that I’d never grow up but to be a billionaire would be nice…what are the hours? In my younger days I had aspirations to be a designer, a photographer or a museum curator.
  • One thing you can’t do without?
    I can’t choose. Probably my Crumpler bag as it contains all the other things I can’t do without (my cameras, iPod and sunglasses).
  • Who would you most like to sit netx to at a dinner party?
    This was a really hard one to answer. Probably the host. I’d be asking many questions about how they cooked the dishes.
  • How many pairs of tango shoes do you own?
    Only one pair. That could soon change next year with 6 weeks in South America, 2007.
  • Favourite tango moment?
    Too hard to pick one…another hard one. Sorry…does this mean I’m disqualified?

    Performing with Kellie at the opening night of the Establishment, in June 2006 was very cool. It was so much fun to be able to go through the entire process of choosing music, choreographing steps to fit the piece, panic, perform, feel elated that you didn’t fall over on to your backside and embarrass yourself, get a whole heap of positive feedback when people learned that Kellie and I did it all ourselves! It was a little frustrating at times but on the night it was most satisfying. :)

    The relaunch of the Siempre Tango branding has to be a very close runner up. All of the long hours and early/late morning e-mails culminated with a big launch party at the Oxford Hotel in January 2006. One of the most nerve-wracking experiences I’d had up until then (see above though) and I think people weren’t necessarily aware of how nervous I really was. At the end of the night it was all worth it and Siempre Tango now has a strong and recognisable identity and the branding has proven to be very prominent even when used in a variety of ways. Stay tuned for more…


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