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Desde el Alma Trivia

Posted: 11:14, Thursday 9 November 2006 by Ben

Updated: 00:19, Thursday 4 January 2007 by Ben

I was continuing on the endless task of rating, classfying, filing etc. tango music so it’s within easy reach during practicas and milongas when I stumbled across the name Rosita Melo.

Rosita Melo is the composer of, in my opinion, the greatest vals of all: Desde el Alma. “So what?” I hear you say. Well this lady did it when she only 14!!!!!!! Oh and she was actually born in Uruguay, not Argentina (like another successful musician – Miguel Villasboas)

According to her offical website her daughter Emilce Susana Piuma de Torres is compiling a volume of her as yet unpublished works. I wonder if there’s anything as amazing as Desde el Alma, and if there is… which orchestra will be able to bring it to life well as Pugliese’s and Canaro’s?


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