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Leading Ladies

Posted: 13:15, Tuesday 27 February 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 19:51, Monday 5 March 2007 by Andrew Gibki

Workshop this Thursday March 1 at the North Adelaide Community Centre on Tynte Street, 8:00-9:30pm with Tiziana and Megan for ladies who would like to begin or consolidate their leading. Follow up workshop to be held on Thursday March 15. A great idea for anyone thinking of leading during the Tangomania workshops, though you don’t have to be doing that in order to take part. Cost is $10 for one workshop or $15 for both. See you there!

Bringing a partner? You are welcome to organise a partner for the first session in order for you to spend all of your time leading. If you do not organise a partner, which is fine, you will spend some time leading and some time following, which is what we expect most people will do for the first session. We hope that for the second session all leaders will arrange for someone to join them to follow them for the whole session – we would encourage this to be someone who already knows how to follow. (The following partners do not need to pay).

Recent Update:
I have uploaded some photos to the Siempre Tango image gallery from the most recent Leading Ladies workshop. It really looked like great fun so if you were unable to attend, don’t miss out on the next one.
- Andrew =)


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