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Monday night class

Posted: 18:34, Sunday 3 June 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 10:38, Monday 4 June 2007 by Andrew Gibki

If you are interested in joining the Monday night Intermediate class which starts tonight June 4, to be held 8-9:30pm for an 8-week block, please email Anna or at this stage preferably, phone her on 0400 257 027.

The course will be held at Sarah’s Cafe on Leigh St, but the cafe itself will not be open, so you won’t be dancing & learning in front of diners. However, the coffee machine will be running..!

This marks the end of the Thursday night class, with all people in that class welcome to join Monday night. Also, anyone from the previous Monday night 8pm class or Sunday 5:30pm class are welcome to join – which would involve some revision for those groups.


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