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BBC Radio programme about Tango

Posted: 15:54, Friday 1 August 2008 by Andrew Gibki

Updated: 17:28, Friday 1 August 2008 by Andrew Gibki

Running straight on from Mark’s excellent find of video clips from the BBC about La Confiteria Ideal, the BBC once again provides us with another informed study into the Argentine Tango.
BBC Radio 3
Noted British conductor Charles Hazlewood’s regular BBC Radio 3 programme “Discovering Music” from March 2008 focuses on the Tango. With help from both the BBC Concert Orchestra and a tango quinteto “Tango Volcano” Hazlewood covers in remarkable detail the music and a history of its development both in Buenos Aires and abroad. We are presented with the concepts behind the structure of the tango music, the instruments, how they are used and the different types of tango (tango, vals and milonga), all while using a good helping of humour.

If you are interested in the music behind the Argentine Tango this is a must listen.

BBC Radio 3 – Discovering Music – Tango
Charles Hazlewood is joined by the quintet Tango Volcano and members of the BBC Concert Orchestra to explore the world of the tango.



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