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The Rotunda outdoor milonga

Posted: 21:26, Wednesday 4 February 2009 by Andrew Gibki

Updated: 11:02, Monday 27 April 2009 by Ben

We have had a very busy summer season already with lots of dancers at Siempre Tango’s outdoor Adelaide milonga at La Estrella (the Riverbank Promenade) last month.

This Friday the 6th February, Siempre Tango will return to the renowned and beautifully-constructed Adelaide icon, the Rotunda at Elder Park.

Come along from 8pm to 11pm this Friday for a night of dancing tango under the stars for FREE. All members of the public are also welcome to come and have a look to see what the dance is all about so it’s a great opportunity to invite your friends and family to share your Argentine Tango passion.

Both Rontunda events are licenced but as the weather will be warmer please bring along lots of water to go along with your beverages.

We hope to see many of you there!


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