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Addicted to Tango?

Posted: 17:01, Wednesday 22 June 2005 by Siempre Tango

Updated: 16:33, Wednesday 22 June 2005 by Siempre Tango

Thanks to Lucy and Frank, via Gerda for this one:

You know you’re addicted when:

  • You keep a pair of dance shoes in your car.
  • You’ve sold or moved most of your furniture to give yourself practice space.
  • You make sure you never run out of breath mints or chewing gum.
  • You copied all your tango music to your office computer and that’s all you listen to.
  • You’ve danced with one of the biggies and survived.
  • You own a tango t-shirt and wear it in public – constantly.
  • You go through withdrawal without at least one tango-high per week.
  • Your descriptions of tango have shifted from “unbounded enthusiasm” to “you wouldn’t understand….
  • Your friends are secretly plotting to kidnap you for a week of serious deprogramming.
  • You know who Carlos Gardel is.
  • You wish you’d paid more attention to high school Spanish class.
  • You cross state lines to tango.
  • You listen to tango music when you’re not at a practica or milonga.
  • You bring your ankles and knees together all the time, even in the elevator.
  • You plan the rest of your social life so it doesn’t conflict with tango nights.
  • You own a bootleg copy of Tango Bar.
  • Your wardrobe is predominantly black.
  • Ocho is more than just a number.
  • Your fantasy travel destination is Buenos Aires.
  • You are unable to schedule major surgery without compromising tango commitments.
  • You now view the world in terms of people who tango and those unfortunate souls who don’t
  • You have to work hard to maintain non-tango friendships (if you have any left).
  • You’ve been dancing for a year and still don’t get bored talking tango.
  • You have developed the ability to turn any conversation to tango within 2 minutes.
  • You no longer have parties at your house; you host milongas.
  • Before traveling, you check out the net for tango events in that area.
  • You are willing to spend twice as much time driving to a milonga as you actually dance.
  • You automatically do something Tango-ish whenever you navigate through a crowd.
  • Your computer passwords at work are always related to tango.
  • Your ear has been trained to recognize the tango possibilities in all forms of music.
  • When you and another contractor are working of a move to Calo two stories above the ground, tool belts clinking.
  • Your shopping cart often substitutes as your dance partner.
  • You have become nocturnal.
  • Your interest in shoes can easily be mistaken for a fetish.
  • You constantly have bruises on your legs and feet.
  • You dream about dancing with Pablo Veron.
  • Tango Hugs … mmmmmm

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