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Posted: 14:59, Monday 14 February 2005 by Siempre Tango

Updated: 23:50, Tuesday 15 February 2005 by Siempre Tango

Welcome to the new home of Siempre Tango on the web!!

After 12 months of faithful service we’ve decided the old website needed to be upgraded. We’ve had several requests for additions to the site, which have all been taken on board for the current design.

Firstly, the News section is much easier to manage and view – so the website should be updated much more regularly. You can now add comments to articles in the news section as well – just click on the word “Comment” under the article you wish to, well comment on. Then add your comment, preview it and submit! Obviously this will be moderated, but we encourage you to share your thoughts about what’s happening.

We’ve also added an Events Calendar which will contain all Siempre Tango events and other tango relevant events in Adelaide. If there are any events that you think should be added to the calendar then please let us know.

The Gallery has undergone a massive facelift, all the old images are available in albums and are complete with captions. This new gallery has also given us a chance to provide a place for Stephen Secomb to show off his skills as a photographer and digital artist. Stephen has snapped images of the Christmas and Tsunami shows and hopefully there will be more to come! Please contact Stephen if you’d like a print of any of his images.

Finally we’ve added a section describing Argentine Tango and how it differs from other forms of dance. Feel free to direct friends to it in your efforts to recruit them!

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy the new site…


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