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Posted: 16:07, Saturday 8 October 2005 by Ben

Updated: 09:55, Tuesday 11 October 2005 by Ben

We’ve finally got some more photos up in the gallery! As already mentioned I’m looking to upgrade the gallery a bit to make it easier to put up photos (and possibly by anyone – we shall see how feasible that is). Excuse the mundane captions, but I’ll get around to that later.

We have for your static optical enjoyment:

The Edinburgh Special Milonga with Carlo and Brigitte

Tango Nuevo Workshop with Carlo and Brigitte

More Tango Tradicion Photos (you’ll need to have a look around for the newbies)

Photos from the Banque in September

Right now it’s time for the weekend…

Don’t forget to add your 2 cents to the slogan debate!! And do hurry because there’s only a few days left before the 2 week commenting mechanism shuts off… unless of course I decide to restart it because lets face it, it’s pretty damned funny.


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