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Posted: 13:13, Friday 11 August 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 12:58, Friday 11 August 2006 by Megan Jones

The Neo Tango shoe store website has had an upgrade of sorts, and it is now easier to see the different heel sizes and styles, colours and designs that they have available. I’m not convinced that wearing them will ever help me to look like Alejandra (pictured) but, I’m willing to pretend!

I had another search for Comme Il Faut in the hope that they might finally have built their website, and alas no, however, I did find this in our own backyard! Close Embrace in New York are getting a little more oganised and have a better system for ordering Comme Il Faut shoes, though naturally, you pay more going through them than if you visit the store in BsAs yourself. You can check their site here and yes, that is a picture of the Comme Il Faut store leather rug-swathed couch!


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