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CITA 2007

Posted: 09:14, Monday 26 February 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 09:47, Monday 26 February 2007 by Megan Jones

Andrew & Kellie, Imogen and Roger and Dru (pictured in various states of tango repose) are heading off shortly to Buenos Aires to tread the boards in the tango salons over there. We wish them all a fabulous trip and hope that their passion for Argentine Tango is fuelled all over again!

Imogen has performed for Siempre Tango both with Carlo Sansour and Mark Stojani, but has been working hard the last two years as director of the Media Resource Centre. Andrew is of course the graphic designer responsible for all the great works such as Adrian and Alejandra’s flyers, the Tangomania tickets and posters, the 2007 calendar and more, many many hours of volunteer work. Of course he and Kellie have also performed too.

Roger makes his proper debut appearance as a DJ this Friday night at the Millswood Bowling Club. Who knows what fabulous ideas they might have for Siempre Tango when they return, new roles perhaps, we shall have to wait and see..


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