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The Coriole Effect

Posted: 14:01, Sunday 21 October 2007 by Ben

Updated: 13:31, Sunday 21 October 2007 by

Last night’s event at Coriole featuring the 20-Something cabaret show was nothing short of fantastic. The show starred Rachel McCall and Tamara Shinners’ beautiful voices, Jamie Cock on piano and of course John McCall on guitar and in the CentreLink queue.

Thanks to all those involved in the production and milonga that followed. Particular thanks to the performers, Megan for helping organise and emcee the event, and Mark and Libby from Coriole for providing the venue, great food and wine.

There was a touch of sadness though, it’s probably tango stalwart Ta’s last BIG tango event in Adelaide. Ta is back off to Vietnam in November and we will miss him and his passion for tango. We will see him around at milongas and practicas for just a few more weeks.

Coriole is a very special place for Adelaide tango and time after time it produces an evening to remember. I’m personally looking forward to the next one, in whatever form it may take (if Mark and Libby will have us back of course!)

Some photos of Coriole and the show can be found in the gallery.


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