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A very playful milonga

Posted: 00:31, Wednesday 9 July 2008 by Andrew Gibki

Updated: 21:14, Wednesday 9 July 2008 by Andrew Gibki

Recently, Kellie and I stumbled across the following milonga by Horacio Godoy & Cecilia Garcia. It is one of the most musical and creative performances we’ve seen on YouTube for a long time. You can see the energy and delight in their dancing… the way most milongas should be… fun, playful and enjoyable. Keep your eyes open for some cheeky footwork, elastic but deliberate leading and even some audience participation. It’s nice to see someone take the time to enjoy the slower moments in milonga music and not move around the floor as quickly as possible.


Music: No hay tierra como la mia by Francisco Canaro.

Update: For all the ravenous tangueros/as visiting the site, here is the same performance (dubbed) but from a different angle on YouTube.


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