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Janett’s Tango Did You Know…?

Posted: 18:13, Wednesday 16 July 2008 by Janett Jackson

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Polka and milonga

Pablo Zeigler (1944- ), famed tango pianist and composer, believed that milonga music was influenced by the polka which was supposedly started by a Czech servant girl in the 1930s. The milonga fast music also allowed for sudden ‘freezes’ (cortes) in the dance. During these cortes the men sometimes took ‘brazen advantage’ and pressed their chests against the women. For “dancing and exhibiting forbidden cortes”, 4 men and 2 women were arrested in Buenos Aires in 1862.

Information source:
Thompson, Robert Farris. 2005. Tango: the art history of love. United States: Vintage Books. Ps 224-=225.


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