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Janett’s Tango Did You Know…?

Posted: 08:16, Tuesday 14 October 2008 by Janett Jackson

Updated: 14:39, Sunday 26 October 2008 by Andrew Gibki

Clothes and slanderous names.

In Buenos Aires in the 1940s each band had its own fans (hinchas) who would wear specific clothes to show their allegiances. Sometimes these clothes were fine rented clothes (pilchas). The clothes and the style of dancing helped identify the fans’ tango hero.

With regard to the style of dancing, fans of Carlos Di Sarli (1903-1960) would make, perhaps, 5 figures in a tango, leaving space for walking and seeing beginnings and endings, while fans of Juan D’Arienzo (1900–1976) would make 10 figures in the same space. Thus the Di Sarli fans would call the D’Arienzo fans cabbage heads (repolleros), due to the fact they thought the dance was a cabbage like mess (repollo).

Information source:
Thompson, Robert Farris. 2005. Tango: the art history of love. United States: Vintage Books. Ps 187-190 & 201


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