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Janett’s Tango Did You Know…?

Posted: 14:18, Monday 15 December 2008 by Janett Jackson

Updated: 14:49, Monday 15 December 2008 by Andrew Gibki

Tango parody

The ‘hard’ (duro) style of tango, stiff arms, faces side by side, was seen in Paris before World War 1. This was parodied in films such as Some Like It Hot (1959), Last Tango in Paris (1972), and Soldier of Orange (1978).

Juan Carlos Copes (1931- ), the first person to choreograph Argentine tango for professional dancers on the stage, said it looked as if the male and female involved were ‘looking for someone better to dance with’. It is believed the prowlike stance was invented by men dancing with men.

Information source:
Thompson, Robert Farris. 2005. Tango: the art history of love. United States: Vintage Books. P 219-221.


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