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La Estrella Take One

Posted: 10:23, Wednesday 29 November 2006 by Ben

Updated: 13:34, Monday 1 January 2007 by Ben

Well well well… Wasn’t last night was an absolutely fantastic night in perfect weather at a near perfect venue?

Many passing members of the public chose to stop, sit and watch the dancing as it took place by Torrens Lake on the Riverside Promenade for the first of two outdoor milongas at this location for the Summer.

Although a bit slow to start, by 7:30 the dancing was in full swing and by 8pm there was a great turn out of the local tango community to enjoy the warm weather and great dancing.

There are a few snapshots in the gallery (excuse the lack of captions… they’ll come). Thanks to all who came and to those who didn’t, well… you missed out!


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